Party System in India

The academic paper I’ve referred is the ‘Congress System in India’ by Rajni Kothari. Rajni Kothari is an eminent political scientist who has written widely on Indian politics. The reason for choosing this paper is that the paper provides an overview in understanding the political culture in India. It helps in analysing the party system in India and the emergence of the Congress as a dominant party in Indian politics. Rajni Kothari’s style of writing and his political acumen make this article interesting, relatable and comprehensive.
Political Science deals with the study of politics, state and institutions of the state. It deals with it a wide array of sub disciplines such as Public administration, International Relations, Public Policy, etc. Basic understanding of Political Science is initiated with an understanding of basic concepts such as Constitution, Political thought, State and so on. This article by Kothari talks about the Party System in India. There are three universally accepted and recognised types of party systems. Single party system, bi party system and multi- party system. As the name suggests these systems have one, two and more than two political parties that compete amongst themselves for power. Kothari in his article states that the Indian system is none among the three, but has evolved itself into a one party dominance system or the Congress System.
This has mainly been due to the historical consensus that the Congress received as a result of leading the Nationalist movement. The Congress emerged as a dominant party and established the Congress System due it’s credibility for being a party of consensus. While the Congress adopted the position of being a party of consensus, the other smaller parties acted as parties of pressure and played subservient role of pressurizing and influencing the Congress party. In the end, Kothari talks about the future of Indian Politics where they might arise a situation when another party or parties might occupy Congress party’s coveted position of being a party of consensus or it might be a temporary period which will be led by a party which will be the result of accumulated protest. Thus, he makes a major contribution to the study of Party Systems by adding a whole new typology -‘The Congress System or the One party dominance.
This article was written in 1964 and it can be clearly noticed how Rajni Kothari’s prediction has come true with the Rise of the BJP in contemporary Indian Politics.


Science and Technology Policy Of India

The Science and Technology policy is one of the most important policy of any country. In the era of globalization and technological advancement, science and technology plays an important role and is the path to development. The science and technology policy of India 2013 focusses on utilizing the demographic dividend and huge talent pool through policy to ensure the end goal of national development. The main stake holders of this policy are the people at large or the Indian society. It is largely impractical to take into consideration all the stake holders for such a massive policy, however some representatives would have been considered. The policy is a well thought document which bridges the gap between science and common people. It aims at large investments in Research and Development, education, training, gender parity, social and ethical concerns and to provide solutions to every day issues and to make life better. It also takes into consideration the environment, civilian application which are credible. However, the aspect of contention is the PPP model the policy advocates. While PPP is good for developmental projects, when it comes to national security and a policy as important as Science and Technology, the government should shoulder the responsibility and lead the country. While private enterprises can be successful in realising their end goal, they are limited to profit which can hinder the whole goal and objective of the policy. This can also goes against the idea of inclusive growth the policy aims to achieve. The major gap in the policy is that it dictates what has to be done rather than stating the manner in which it has to be done and also fails to establish a guardian Institution to ease the process, thus making the entire policy dependent on the Ministry of Science and Technology and the budget released by the government. Instead it could provide provisions for the establishment of an institution with it’s own funds and management. The policy document is quite accessible and is presented mostly in point form and with sub headings with explanation which makes it comprehensive for the reader. Thus, the Science and Technology policy of India comes across as a more people friendly and people centric policy which has it’s objectives clearly laid out in a simple and comprehensive manner, however its success lies in it’s implementation.

The TIME has come.

What is that which keeps you away from being YOU?
What is that which LIMITS you?
What is that which NEGATES all your positivism?

Put away all the above and you're free to go,
Far beyond what you are and where you are now,
to conquer the world and find yourself again,
to explore the vistas of that infinite power within you.

Go, break all those barriers and re-create yourself,
Go Young Lady, NOW.



It’s not about it all.

It’s not about the posts and pictures you put  on social media of you and your mother. It’s not about celebrating her existence one day of 365 days of a year. It’s not about the gifts or the way you praise her. 

It’s about what happens every day.. Every minute you spend with her.. Every single time counts.. It’s how you show your gratitude for her through your actions.. It’s about how you decide to do your bit…. It’s about you taking care of her when she’s an old soul but young at heart.. just like she took care of you When you were a Young soul who was young at heart too..

Love her not through your fancy words but through your soulful actions…

Liberate and Grow 

Ohh those days when we were young and innocent…. How naive were we.. So natural and organic.. But what has happened to us over the years? does growing up mean growing up and above all sorts of human relationships? Does it mean we forget our roots and grow so big so as to have a nasty fall with a very immature outlook?

We need to grow up. Not physically but mentally and Psychologically. don’t be ashamed to cry… cry out like a child.. Give without measuring just like a small kid.. Love your parents just like a child lives and loves it’s parents. we need to stop being judgmental. We need to be children again…. beautiful just like a fully blossomed flower.. Let your soul blossom to reach its zenith….

liberate and grow 🙂

Every time. Every single time I step out of the house. I have this fear. A fear so intense. But not irrational. It is so true but yet not so accepted. It’s not me alone . All women. All of them. Whether it Is a girl of 19 or a woman of 25 or an old lady of 72. A student, a housewife or a Nun.

We all have the same fear of being abused.. assaulted..raped. I’m not saying the world is all mine. But I’m saying the world is mine too. Unless you learn to respect my body you can never respect my soul.

I’m helpless of the situation. But not so helpless to hope for a better tomorrow when I can step out to make my life..

feeling safe in a safe world..

We need to liberate and grow..

Hello world!

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